Our CSR Philosophy

Lamar Holding believes in being a good corporate citizen and leading by example.

Lamar Holding strongly believes that all companies have a responsibility to improve the societies in which they work.

Not only is this a moral responsibility but it also makes good business sense: a company can only be as successful as the society in which its employees and customers live, and at the heart of Lamar Holding’s CSR is a belief that a company’s actions should have both private and public value.

Our corporate initiatives encompass a broad scope, including corporate funding of community activities, grants for non-profits, charity associations to initiate sustainable projects and direct humanitarian support.

Whilst wide-ranging in nature, they have a single objective: to provide opportunities for those who have been disadvantaged by circumstances beyond their control.

Projects by region

  • Kingdom of Bahrain

  • Jordan

  • Saudi Arabia & Wider Middle East Region

  • Jakarta and West Java