• Jordanian Association for Hearing Aids

    In 2017, we established the Lamar Charity Foundation in Jordan, which works with local partners to provide life-changing surgical procedures to help deaf children, as well as providing direct and indirect support to local communities through the Ministry of Social Development and local associations.

    Different kinds of aid are offered through the year, such as the distribution of food parcels, blankets, heaters for winter, coupons for food, and items of clothing.
    The Foundation also works to help secure monthly salaries, support housing costs and rent, electricity and water bills, and much needed financial assistance for university and school fees.

  • Hearing without Borders Initiative

    In Jordan, there are around 19,000 deaf children. Many of these disadvantaged young people cannot communicate fully with their community, in spite of their best efforts to learn sign language.

    We recognise the devastating impact that isolation and exclusion can have on these children and their families. Local economies are also being held back as these children are often unable to find productive employment.

    To help these children overcome the challenges created by deafness, we entered into an ambitious partnership with the Crown Prince Hearing without Borders Initiative. Through direct involvement, we have provided dozens of new and replacement devices to children who have now been able to participate in school life, university studies, and ultimately the work-force.

  • Urgent medical support fund

    In January 2012, we began a fund to provide urgent medical support for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian families. This covers the cost of treatment, operations and medicines.

    So far this medical fund has assisted over 2,300 people. Operations have included urgent caesareans for pregnant women and eye operations for patients threatened with blindness.