Our Expertise


Hydrocarbon Pipeline & Plant EPC

Lamar Holding has extensive oil and gas pipeline EPC capabilities. As of today, Lamar Holding is ranked through its business units as a class 1+ pipeline contractor, and has successfully delivered several projects to Saudi Aramco, SABIC among other important clients.


Management Consultancy

Lamar Holding’s management consultancy unit focuses on providing advisory services in the oil and gas sector. They work with several international EPC players, providing in-depth knowledge and insight related to projects within the region.


Power Generation

This business unit is focused on EPC power generation and is currently executing several power projects with an installed capacity of 4000 MW. In addition to EPC, Lamar Holding is venturing into developing power projects through the IPP model.


Project Management

Our consultancy expertise spans oil and gas project management consultancy, as well as civil infrastructure projects.



We are currently reviewing feasibility studies in mass transport, light and regular rail systems for the GCC region. Railway interconnectivity has the potential to boost long-term regional infrastructure investment and link up key economic hubs in the GCC.


Trading &

Lamar Holding has focused initially on oil and gas drilling fluids, and expanded later on to other equipment such as pumps and valves.

The unit is partnered with several international players in the drilling and workover sector. Now, we plan to establish several manufacturing facilities related to oil and gas equipment and drilling fluids.



Lamar Holding invests in innovative new start-ups and companies with state of the art integrated technologies, in addition to several investments in the USA and Africa.

Our leadership team is proud of its successful track record of encouraging small businesses that have the potential to change and improve our world.


Water & Environment

Lamar Holding has extensive experience in providing end-to-end solutions in the field of engineering, particularly for treatment of water and waste water. Lamar Holding can undertake projects in the Seawater Intake Systems & related Piping Networks, RO Desalination Plants, Water Purification, Water Pumping Stations, and Sewage Treatment Plants & Reclamation.


Electromechanical Construction

The focus on electromechanical construction projects for oil, gas, and power is being re-organised to become a major power transmission and substation of our EPC company.

The company has a strong footprint in both power related projects while maintaining capabilities in mechanical plant construction for major plants. The unit currently employs more than 1,000 people.


Energy Engineering

The main focus of this new venture is to establish local engineering capabilities within the region. The unit will focus primary on Hydrocarbon engineering providing (FEED) studies and detailed engineering.

In addition, the unit will also build up capabilities to take part of the power sector (Renewable, Thermal, and Nuclear).


Heavy & Civil

Lamar Holding is involved in many high profile civil projects. With several units operating in this area, Lamar Holding has built up strong capabilities in heavy civil, rail, metro, and large civil construction.

Today, more than 4,000 people are working on diverse range of projects, including large residential developments, rail-related projects, among other substantial civil projects.


Hydrocarbon EPC

This business unit is currently executing several gas related EPC projects with a combined value exceeding USD 1.9 billion. The unit will continue to focus on becoming a key EPC player within Saudi Arabia with the development of local engineering and procurement capabilities.