Our Partnerships

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Arkad is Saudi Arabia’s first end-to-end EPC solutions provider with a global footprint. Arkad excels in pipeline construction and is currently executing the largest pipeline project ever designed. Arkad employs over 9,000 staff and boasts the largest privately-held pipeline fleet in the world.

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Lamar Holding has formed an oil and gas general engineering service provider in Saudi Arabia with ATKINS. This new joint venture will house as many as 1,000 engineers in the Kingdom. Currently, it is executing three gas compressor stations for Saudi Aramco, as well as gas pipeline with a length of more than 1,200km.

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A long term partnership between Lamar Holding and Power China has been formed in order to jointly invest in power project developments in Saudi Arabia. Since its creation, the partnership has taken part in the Saudi Aramco renewables program as well as constructing conventional power plant IPPs.

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Sinohydro and Lamar Holding have established a long term partnership to jointly bid for large-scale heavy civil projects. Since establishing the partnership, they have been successful in winning contracts in housing, schools and associated facilities worth USD 800m.