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Development of Social Infrastructure and Large Scale Industrial Projects

Lamar specializes in developing, identifying, structuring and delivering social infrastructure and large-scale industrial projects across a variety of different models. Our focus encompasses the following four key business lines: Building and infrastructure, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), Energy, Water Management, and Healthcare.

We have been a trusted partner of key clients such as Saudi Aramco and other Government entities in Saudi Arabia for over a decade and have delivered multiple projects across a wide range of sectors including in oil and gas, energy, water, and housing. These operations demand first-rate design and construction management-something Lamar has successfully provided for the last decade on projects big and small.

Our core business activities endeavors are strategically centered on the implementation of cutting-edge technology and industry-leading practices in various domains such as design, finance, construction management, and facilities administration. We aspire to surpass client expectations while concurrently fostering a beneficial impact on local communities. For investors, these ventures present an opportunity to capitalize on sustained, long-term returns by participating in a diverse array of projects associated with the Vision 2030 reforms. 

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