Our People

Diverse Talents, Shared Passion

From seasoned leaders to emerging talents, Lamar’s people share a common approach to success, which includes enthusiasm for their work and passion for providing exceptional service to our clients, partners and communities.

We have a diverse team drawn from many different nationalities and backgrounds — these professionals work at our main offices in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. We have a fascination for business and the power of technology to deliver lasting change and transformation in society.

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Dr. Lina Noureddin

CEO/Managing Director

As the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Lamar Holding, Dr. Lina is a key member of the company’s executive committee and leads the development vertical of the organization. She is responsible for the critical task of driving Lamar Holding’s global expansion efforts, overseeing the development and execution of the company’s strategic plans and operational initiatives.

Hani Ali Abdulhadi


Hani is the Managing Director and Deputy CEO of Lamar Holding, leading strategic partnerships and innovation. Since 2018, he has driven ventures aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, co-founded startups, and launched Bunat Ventures. With expertise in energy and construction, Hani played a key role in Lamar’s growth in the Saudi oil and gas market. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, Science, and Technology.

Ramit Jain


Ramit Jain, COO at Lamar Holding, shapes and executes corporate strategy with a focus on investment diligence and governance. With 20+ years of experience, including leadership roles at McKinsey and Dell, he drives Lamar’s growth and operational excellence. Ramit holds a Bachelor’s in Metallurgical Engineering, a Master’s in Materials Engineering, and a master’s in operations management.

Luay Ahmadi


Luay, Lamar Holding’s Chief Investment Officer with 25+ years’ experience, leads investment strategy, securing funds for PPP/BOT projects. Formerly Head of Investment Partners Group and Managing Director at SAFANAD, he’s held senior roles at GFH Capital, Energy Capital Group, Deutsch Bank, UBS, and Citibank. Leveraging extensive technical knowledge, Luay plays a key role in Lamar Holding’s investment decisions. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Science from George Washington University.

Ani Churiwala

Chief Development Officer

Ani, Lamar Holding’s Chief Development Officer, oversees the development vertical, managing PPP projects and infrastructure development. With 13+ years of experience, he held leadership roles at Hassana Investment Company and Mubadala Infrastructure Partners. Ani’s expertise in investment, deal sourcing, and asset management contributes significantly to Lamar Holding. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance, Statistics, and Operations Research from New York University.

Mohammed Abdullah

Chief Business Development Officer

Mohammed, Lamar Holding’s Chief Business Development Officer, shapes the overall strategy, identifies growth opportunities, and leads development activities. With 15+ years in engineering, he successfully delivered complex GCC projects in oil and gas, water, housing, infrastructure, and energy. Mohammed’s expertise in the oil and gas sector has been crucial to Lamar Holding’s success. He holds a Bachelor’s in Industrial and Management Engineering from the Arab Academy and a Finance certificate from London Business School.

Chadi Hajjar

Chief Innovation Officer

Chadi, Lamar Holding’s Chief Innovation Officer, leads the Venture Capital arm, specializing in cutting-edge tech ventures. With experience at McConnell Dowell and BACH SAL, he excels in reinvigorating business models. Chadi founded VII Ventures in 2020, showcasing his aptitude in nurturing start-ups. Holding esteemed board positions globally, he’s the Chief Investment Officer of “Bunat Ventures.” Chadi holds an Executive MBA and is a certified planning engineer.

Badi Uz Zaman Qureshi

Chief Financial Officer

Badi, Lamar Holding’s CFO with 25+ years of experience, oversees all financial aspects, strategic planning, and compliance. He played key roles at Arkad Engineering, Chromalloy Arabia, and Abunayyan Holding. Leading the finance team, Badi is instrumental in public-private partnerships, startup ventures, and subsidiary finances, showcasing expertise in EPC projects. He holds an MBA in finance and is a Chartered Management Accountant.