Our Story

We develop and deliver Public-Private-Partnerships and innovative startups to the region

Established in 2008, Lamar Holding has a 15-year track record in securing and delivering $1B+ worth of projects annually. Lamar is a development and investment platform that develops and delivers public private partnerships and innovative startups to the region.

Our development vertical identifies, structures, and delivers social infrastructure and large-scale industrial PPP projects, and our innovation vertical provides regional expertise and resources to bring disruptive ideas and founders/entrepreneurs to the market.

Unparalleled Journey Over A Decade

Established in 2008

Continued commitment in the business with c. USD 2B projects under management

A trusted investor in Saudi Aramco PPP Projects

Ventured into investing. in startups with a USD 400M portfolio

Solid growth pipeline

Where We Came From

Lamar’s history is firmly rooted in a transformative period that unfolded approximately 15 years ago during the height of significant oil and gas infrastructure projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). At that time, these projects were predominantly the domain of international companies. However, Lamar recognized the immense potential of local knowledge and access, which surpassed the advantages of sheer size possessed by international counterparts. This realization prompted Lamar to embark on a journey of discovery and ultimately led to the establishment of our own successful company, where we honed our ability to leverage our local advantage.

As our journey progressed, the introduction of the first public-private partnership (PPP) projects emerged as a highly promising opportunity on the horizon. With a discerning eye, we identified the tremendous potential within this emerging sector. This foresight further solidified our commitment to Lamar’s trajectory, shaping it into the respected and influential entity that it is today. Over the course of approximately 15 years, our success formula has not only enabled us to excel in numerous projects within KSA but has also empowered us to secure a multitude of international projects, marking our remarkable journey of achievement and growth.

Experience Excellence with Lamar Holding

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