Venture Funds


The Venture Capitalist, investing in the world’s most iconic companies such as SpaceX, Airbnb, Doordash, Palantir with a mission to bring to the Kingdom innovative businesses that have proven solving multi billion dollar pains.

Fully backed by Lamar, Vii Ventures launched in late 2020, the firm grew its capital 1.5x the invested capital, experienced 7 IPOs in the US, and turned profitable its inception year.


The Hybrid Venturer, Venture builder & Venture Capitalist of the GCC, with a focused approach on deploying both Capital and Operational Support; initiate its own startup studio & operational VC investment model, supporting startups that are operating in Saudi Arabia mainly, GCC and Egypt.

Backed by some of the most prominent family offices and institutions in Saudi Arabia, Bunat has launched its operations in 2022 and has deployed in 8 startups so far

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