Leadership at Lamar

Dr. Lina Noureddin

CEO/Managing Director

As the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Lamar Holding, Dr. Lina is a key member of the company’s executive committee and leads the development vertical of the organization. She is responsible for the critical task of driving Lamar Holding’s global expansion efforts, overseeing the development and execution of the company’s strategic plans and operational initiatives.

Dr. Lina is a highly proficient C-suite executive with over 20 years of experience in financial, economic, and management consulting. Her extensive knowledge and expertise have enabled her to progress into leadership positions, including the role of Secretary General for the Economic Consultative Council in the Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan, Vice President of the Social Security Corporation under the guidance of His Majesty King Abdullah II, and Director of the Jordan Education Initiative under the patronage and chair of Queen Rania Al Abdullah. Dr. Lina’s vast experience and proficiency in these domains have established her as a respected leader and valuable asset to any organization.

As she currently leads Lamar Holding, Dr. Lina collaborates in close partnerships with key clients such as Saudi Aramco, government entities, and major international funds. Her leadership has resulted in the organization’s reinforced upstream leadership position, as it continues to expand its reach in delivering Public-Private-Partnership infrastructure projects across Saudi Arabia and the GCC region. Under her guidance, Lamar Holding’s strategic initiatives and operational plans have enabled the company to achieve sustained growth and success in all regions.

In addition, Dr. Lina possesses significant expertise in joint ventures, having steered Lamar Holding through various lucrative joint ventures and extended partnerships with influential government stakeholders throughout the GCC region.

Dr. Lina obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Jordan, followed by a master’s degree in financial markets and a PhD Degree in finance, both from the University of Banking and Financial Sciences in Jordan.

Hani Ali Abdulhadi

Managing Director and Deputy Chief Executive

Hani holds the crucial leadership role of Managing Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Lamar Holding and is a member of the company’s executive committee. He is responsible for overseeing the development and nurturing of Lamar’s relationships with strategic partners and major investors, ensuring that the company builds and maintains strong, mutually beneficial connections. In addition to this role, Hani leads the innovation vertical at Lamar Holding, where he plays a key role in driving the company’s innovation agenda. He is responsible for shaping the company’s investment strategies, ensuring that Lamar’s venture capital funds are utilized effectively, and that the company is well positioned to take advantage of emerging technologies and trends.

Hani has been instrumental in establishing new ventures aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 since 2018, with a particular focus on Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) and technology. His efforts have led to the successful bid of two PPP projects and a pipeline of upcoming PPPs, with a focus on ESG-driven projects. Hani also co-founded two high-profile Saudi startups within the last two years, attracting first-time foreign founders and receiving backing from prominent Saudi institutions. He also played a crucial role in launching Bunat Ventures, a Saudi venture builder.

Drawing on his vast technical expertise and extensive experience in the energy and construction sectors, Hani is a valuable asset to Lamar Holding. As the Managing Director/Deputy Chief Executive Officer, he has played an instrumental role in driving the Lamar’s rapid growth and emergence as a leading player in the Saudi Arabian oil and gas market, with a strong emphasis on localization.

Hani completed his undergraduate studies at California State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering. He further pursued his academic interests by obtaining a Master of Science degree in Entrepreneurship, Science, and Technology from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

Ramit Jain

Chief Operating Officer

Ramit Jain is the Chief Operating Officer at Lamar Holding and a member of the executive committee. In this critical leadership position, he plays a key role in setting up and executing the company’s corporate strategy, with a focus on investment due diligence, portfolio management, and enforcing strong governance standards. He works closely with the Managing Directors to ensure Lamar remains well positioned for sustained growth and success, strategically driving the growth of Lamar’s portfolio across the development and innovation verticals. Additionally, Ramit is responsible for leading Lamar’s internal operations and ensuring delivery excellence.

Ramit brings over 20 years of experience in operations to his role as Chief Operating Officer at Lamar Holding. Prior to joining Lamar, he held several leadership positions at McKinsey and Company, Partners in Performance, TIS Infrastructure, and Dell.  

Drawing upon his vast technical knowledge and strategic insight, he plays a pivotal role in shaping and executing the company’s operations and growth strategy. His experience in enabling successful execution of business strategies, leading cross-functional teams and managing large-scale projects makes him a valuable asset to Lamar Holding’s executive team.

Ramit holds a Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science from IIT – Bombay, as well as a Master of Science in Materials Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and a master’s in operations management from the University of Michigan.

Luay Ahmadi

Chief Investment Officer

As Chief Investment Officer of Lamar Holding, Luay is responsible for developing and implementing the company’s investment strategy. Furthermore, Luay takes the lead in securing financial resources for the company’s large-scale PPP/BOT projects and ventures, working closely with investors, financial institutions, and other stakeholders. Additionally, Luay oversees the investments of Lamar Holding’s in its development and innovation verticals, ensuring that the company maintains its leading role in the Public Private Partnership space and remains ahead of the curve in terms of cutting-edge technologies and strategies.

As a seasoned executive with more than 25 years of experience in organizational development, restructuring, and investment banking, Luay has held various leadership roles throughout his career. He has served as the Head of Investment Partners Group and Managing Director of SAFANAD.  Luay has also held multiple senior leadership positions at top institutions, including a dual role as CEO of GFH Capital and Chief Placement Officer for GFH Financial Group, where he oversaw placement, treasury and capital markets, corporate communications, and fund administration. Additionally, he has held numerous senior roles as a Managing Director at Energy Capital Group, Deutsch Bank, UBS, and Citibank.

Leveraging his extensive technical knowledge and experience in closing large scale sophisticated transactions across diverse sectors such as real estate, oil and gas, and technology, Luay has played a pivotal role in formulating and executing Lamar Holding’s investment strategy. This involves identifying promising investment prospects, conducting meticulous due diligence, and making informed investment decisions.

Luay holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Science from the George Washington University.

Mohammed Abdullah

Chief Business Development Officer

In his capacity as the Chief Business Development Officer, Mohammed is responsible of overseeing Lamar Holding’s overall business development strategy. He is actively involved in identifying new opportunities for growth and diversification, as well as leading business development activities. Furthermore, Mohammed also leads partnerships and establishes new businesses that support the development vertical and subsidiaries of Lamar Holding.

With his vast experience in engineering, Mohammed has successfully delivered several large and complex projects in the GCC region. He has a background in providing new and innovative solutions that consistently meet clients’ needs and has played a leading role in a diverse range of projects across various sectors, including oil and gas, water, housing, infrastructure, and energy. Before assuming his current position, Mohammed served as a Chief Development Officer at Lamar Holding, where he was involved in development projects, energy EPC projects, and BOOT, BTO, BOT, and BOO projects. Prior to joining Lamar Holding, Mohammed worked as a Power Solutions Product Specialist at Abunayyan Holding.

Mohammed’s expertise in the oil and gas sectors, spanning over 15 years, has equipped him with a deep understanding of the qualification, bid preparation and early work execution aspects of the market. His invaluable insights into companies’ qualifications, bid preparation, and executing strategies have been instrumental in Lamar Holding’s success.

Mohammed completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Management Engineering from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport in Egypt, and also holds a certificate in Finance from London Business School.

Chadi Hajjar

Chief Innovation Officer

As the Chief Innovation Officer at Lamar, Chadi heads the company’s Venture Capital arm, which specializes in creating and investing in cutting-edge technology ventures. He identifies and cultivates new startups and collaborates with other teams to improve efficiency. Administering his role as Lamar’s Chief Innovation Officer, Chadi oversees the management of the Venture Capital division, ensuring the creation of innovative technology ventures.

Prior to joining our organization, Chadi held a Project Management position at McConnell Dowell in Australia and Pacific Asia. Chadi’s previous roles also include that of Operations Manager at BACH SAL, with automated production operations spanning the EMEA.

Chadi’s exceptional skills and experience in evaluating and reinvigorating business models, enhancing team synergy, and optimizing technological and financial frameworks make him a valuable asset to Lamar Holding. With over a decade of experience in identifying and nurturing successful start-up ventures in the technology and innovation space, Chadi founded VII Ventures in 2020, a testament to his exceptional aptitude.

Chadi currently holds a number of esteemed board positions in key markets, spanning the United States, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and Europe. He served on the board of Rebartek and Lamprell Saudi Arabia, and currently serves on the advisory boards of WahedX, Jumbotail, and Avisa Myko, among others. In addition, Chadi was recently appointed as the Chief Investment Officer of “Bunat Ventures,” a newly established GCC-focused Venture Capital firm that operates as a venture builder and has been registered in Abu Dhabi Capital Markets.

Chadi’s academic credentials include a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Lebanese International University and an Executive MBA from ESPC Business School. He is also a certified planning engineer recognized by the Royal Institute for Chartered Engineers.

Badi Uz Zaman Qureshi

Chief Financial Officer

As the Chief Financial Officer at Lamar Holding, Badi is responsible for overseeing and supervising all financial aspects of the company’s operations, including strategic financial planning, risk management, compliance with financial regulations, and serving as a liaison with external parties. Additionally, he oversees public-private partnership development, startup venture building, and management of holding and subsidiary company finances.

Drawing upon more than 25 years of experience in finance, operations, and investment, Badi is a seasoned executive who has held several leadership roles throughout his career. He previously served as the Chief Financial Officer of Arkad Engineering and Construction Company, Chief Financial Officer of Chromalloy Arabia Limited, and Head of Group Financial Planning, Reporting and Analysis at Abunayyan Holding.

Badi performs a critical function in leading the finance team and providing support for the financial aspects of public-private partnership projects, startup ventures, subsidiary company finances, and investment initiatives across all entities. His experience in managing EPC projects and playing a crucial role as an executive leader makes him a valuable asset to Lamar Holding’s executive team.

Badi completed his undergraduate studies in finance and earned an MBA in finance from the University of Sindh in Pakistan. He is also a Chartered Management Accountant and a fellow member of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan.

Ani Churiwala

Chief Development Officer

As the Chief Development Officer, Ani leads Lamar Holding’s development vertical and is responsible for overseeing the project portfolio, origination and execution of PPP projects, infrastructure development, project proposal development, negotiations with public and private sector partners, and ensuring timely and quality project delivery within budget.

Ani brings a wealth of infrastructure sector experience spanning more than 13 years. Prior to joining Lamar Holding, Ani held several leadership positions, including Infrastructure Initiative Lead Manager in Hassana Investment Company, Principal at Mubadala Infrastructure Partners, and he has started his career in London at Citigroup in the Corporate Finance division.

Ani’s experience in the investment vertical, deal sourcing, negotiation, execution, asset management, closing investments and managing investment opportunities makes him a valuable asset to Lamar Holding’s executive team.

Ani graduated from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University, holding a Bachelor of Science in Finance, Statistics, and Operations Research.